Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pinspiration: Magnetic Makeup Board

Weekends have become a great time for me to unwind and try out one or two of my favorite crafty ideas from Pinterest.  This weekend, I felt especially ambitious, and did two! The first project I started was a magnetic makeup board.  I saw the pin a long time ago and thought it was a cute idea.  Pinterest is especially useful for me right now as I continue to settle into my new home.  I've found that I don't really like storing my makeup in the drawers in my bathroom (they're very small), so I decided to give this a shot!

Here is the original pin that I found:

And here's a link to the original blog.  It's really interesting!

As always, I tweaked the project for my own needs.

I started with a metal sheet (12" by 24") that I got at a hardware store.  Then, I mod podged on some sheets of scrapbook paper that I got at Michael's.  In hindsight, the paper got a little bit wrinkly, but I think it adds nice character.  I also added some ribbon for the borders (and to hide the page breaks of the scrapbook paper).

I also got a frame from Michael's for a nice finishing touch (and to make the whole thing stay on a wall).  Due to the unique size of my metal sheet, I ended up getting an album frame (I just got rid of the glass), but they have some fun backless frames there, too (and on sale right now).

Paper is mod podged on!

After I had the paper and ribbon on, I also sprayed a high-gloss finish to complete the look.  

Next, I glued some small black magnets onto the backs of my makeup.  I got some of those and some magnetic tape, but I found that the tape didn't hold the makeup to the board.  I'm going to grab some more of the circular ones later tonight.  The makeup board looks awesome and is so convenient!  

My completed frame!  I just need to get the rest of my makeup up.

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