Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pinspiration: Painted Scarf

Needless to say, snow days are conducive to some great pinning on Pinterest!  I always love pinning and browsing, but rarely have the time to make the ones I love.  

Here is the original pin from which I was inspired:

And, interestingly, this scarf was inspired by a scarf by We Are Owls (here's the link on Polyvore: for a pretty penny!  I'm all for splurging on the necessities of a wardrobe, but I'm not sure that this scarf counts.  

I thought this looked easy and fun, so I decided to load up on craft supplies at Michael's (love the teacher discount!) and hunker down on my first project.  

- One scarf in a solid color.  [My fabric was 100% viscose- you just want something you can paint on!  I found mine at Target.]
- Fabric or acrylic paint in a contrasting color.  [I tried using a fabric paint pen as the original pin suggests, but didn't have much luck.  Since I was planning on using that, I only had grey acrylic paint.  It ended up working out great!]
-Thin paintbrush (if not using a paint pen)
-Favorite quote, song lyric, or meaningful words to write on scarf

I put out a bunch of cardboard in order to protect my floor.  Then, I spread out the scarf.  You may want to wash and/or iron it.  I didn't, but probably could have.  

Then, I just started writing my quote!  I chose one by Marilyn Monroe (ended up having to adjust slightly due to space issues, but that's okay).  You might want to use a pencil or light pen to sketch out your letters, but I just went for it.  I think cursive gives a nice, fluid look when the scarf is on, but I think you can play around with the fonts!  At first, I was nervous about keeping straight or proportionate letters, but remembered that it really doesn't matter once the scarf is on.  Have fun with it!  Maybe play with shading or other colors if you feel up to it.  

I did vary the distance from the edges of the scarf with each line (see the picture below).  Not sure if it made a huge difference, but I thought it would add a little bit of variety.  

I'm so excited with the result!  I love it, and am excited to make some more.  It took me a few hours to make (I often severely underestimate the time needed to do projects like these), so make sure you give yourself plenty of time.  The result is well-worth it, though!  This project is great because it allows for a lot of personal interpretation.  

I will post more as I get them done!  

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